Testimonials. - Boris Danielsen Photography


"When you try to create atmospheric lighting on stage it's fantastic when a photographer like Danielsen captures the drama and emotion that as a band we try to present. The pictures Danielsen captured of myself and Stahlsarg at Inferno Festival 2016 in Oslo are a great representation of the band and an even better reflection of his incredible skills behind the camera"

Krieg Stahlsarg, guitar - STAHLSARG.

"In a dark atmospheric venue surrounded by, as I can imagine, hard to swallow music, Boris managed to capture the right, bleak essence of the show. Not an easy task, but the photos turned out awesome!"

Eric Eijspaart, synths and vocals - ADERLATING/former member of GNAW THEIR TONGUES.

"Boris Danielsen is, in lack of better words, a kick ass photographer. Alongside a handful of other shooters me as an editor has used to document gigs and festivals, Boris is up there, right at the top. He is the one bending the angle, lifting the camera just a tad more, breaking the rules to catch the artist(s) and he is the one securing pictures which defines him, he definitely has an own style, his own expression. And more, he is disciplined and always keeps his word. Look out for a tall, curly headed dude with a camera, Boris is the definition of a dedicated photographer, willing to walk the extra mile for you or your band."

Yngve Moum Jacobsen, editor - HEAVYMETAL.NO.

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