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@ Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo, Norway. June 2016.
Photo by: Øivind Svensen/Studioscapehq.

In short:

My name is Boris Danielsen, a concert photographer based in Oslo, Norway.
I usually shoot concerts the Norwegian websites "Heavymetal.no" and "Blezt.no". Links below.

When I am not collaborating with the above mentioned, I shoot for myself to enrich my experience and to hone my skills.

Make sure to visit my Facebook, Instagram and Flickr pages linked at the top.

If you wish to buy or use any of my pictures; please get in touch.
If you are a band, booking agency, venue, magazine, etc and are interested in my work; feel free to get in touch.

My story:

Photography has always interested me at one level or another since I was young and when I started travelling extensively in my twenties it became a big hobby;  "Travel Photography" was what I was venturing into back then. Seeing as my travelling was in big part connected to concerts (most of my travels consisted in following my favorite band, Iron Maiden, around the world) I quickly gained a wish to try my hand at shooting concerts.
Over time I did the best I could and took pictures at most gigs with a compact camera; although I realized I had a knack for it I also understood a simple compact camera would not suffice. After a few years of extensive travelling, or "touring" as I liked to call it, I slowed down in that regard and in an attempt to settle down so did, in some part, my interest in photography.
When I then came to an hiatus due to unemployment I decided to give my photography interest a boost and jumped into the world of concert photography. Thanks to a couple of persons that believed in my abilities I was able to do so!

That was in 2015 and since then I've had the pleasure to shoot some fantastic concerts (from small pub stages to a 20-25 thousand-capacity arena), festivals and some great artists (including my favorite band!).

My pictures have featured in artist's webpages, a NRK article, venue websites, a newsstand magazine and several artists social media pages. My work have recently been featured in the booklet of a Live DVD release.

Dreams have turned reality since I've started this adventure.
I will keep dreaming and work hard to achieve them!

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